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Coda Honor
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South East Michigan


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Barbershop Hamrony Society


Coda Honor was formed in March of 2004 specifically for the Corktown Historic Homes Tour. The tour folks had previously booked a quartet, but had lost touch with them. Enter, Paul Keiser.

Rather than simply hunt down a quartet through his contacts in Barbershopping circles, Paul decided this was a perfect opportunity to form a NEW quartet! Aside from getting a few bucks and some free food for having fun, his hopes were to become good enough to compete in the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.* Pioneer district quartet competition.

Grabbing a couple college kids who happened to come to the recent Detroit-Oakland Chaper's show (Mike Nelson on Baritone and Brad Miller on Lead) and an old high school friend (Paul Bastian on Bass). The young upstarts learned enough songs to do very well at their first performance. (You can see some pictures of Coda Honor version 1.0 in the Photo Gallery)

Next came a name. Being husky guys, and adding up their combined weight, "Half-A-Ton of Fun" was a definite possibility. However, in the best tradition set forth by Homer J. Simpson, it needed to be clever the first time you heard it, and less clever each time afterwards. Keeping that rule in mind, on the way to a freind's bachelor party Paul and his friend Ryan Parmenter came up with "Coda Honor". Perfect!

Being comprised of three quarters 20-somethings and college students and living a bit far apart, scheduling further rehearsals and gigs became difficult and the quartet eventually faded away, as too many good quartets often do.

Since then the Lead, Brad Miller, is singing with the barbershop quartet at Henry Ford Greenfield Village in Dearborn, baritone Mike Nelson is making his way on the west side of the state, and bass Paul Bastian is working at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit and working on his first solo album.

In April of 2005, as the Corktown Homes Tour was creeping up again, Paul was ready to just pass the gig along to another quartet. After talking with his friend Louis Coviak, whom he had sung with in previous quartets, that spark came back to life. They went to the 2005 Pioneer District Convention once again, this time on the prowl for a new baritone and bass to form a new quartet. Finding Mike Holland and Floyd McDaniel bumming around the lobby of the hotel where the convention was being held, Lou grabs them both and forces them at spork-point to sing. It was good. No, it was better than that - it was FUN! Paul mentions the Corktown gig and before you can say, "Sweet Adeline," a quartet is re-born.

In May of 2007, after lanquishing a bit as a quartet and getting busier personal lives, Floyd and Mike bid a friendly farewell to the quartet, leaving Paul & Lou to find 2 new guys who were maybe a bit closer by and had easier schedules to accomodate. Looking to the chorus, they found one of its newest members, Dave Beamer, had not only a wonderful ear and great enthusiasm, but a Master's Degree in Vocal Pedagogy! They swooped down like the musical vultures they are and snatched him up before anyone else got to him.

Later, under the reccomendation of Jack Day (Detroit Oakland Chapter's Membership Chairman and member of the Langsford Men's Chorus), they contacted Dave Conrad, a former barbershopper with quartet experience, an extensive vocal performance résumé, and a great sense of humor to boot! The first song they sang rang like nobody's business. It was pure synergy. The went to their first district contest in October 2007 and made a fantastic first impression! This group spent the the next 3 years singing for many gatherings throughout the area.

Check out photos from old versions of Coda Honor.

In Late 2010 Coda Honor transformed yet again. With Paul being the driving force and still holding down the Tenor, but now with Aaron Wilson singing Lead(who Paul met at the Great Lakes Harmony Brigade), Dave Montera singing Bass, and Ray Sturdy singing Baritone, both of whom Paul knew from the Detroit Oakland Chapter.

And now...

In 2014 Paul stepped down as Tenor due to growing family commitments and there not being enought hours in the day to fit it all in. Euel Kinsey has stepped in as Tenor joining Aaron, Dave and Ray and they are forging ahead with Coda Honor, even though Paul still seems to pop-up occasionally.
We have been busy building our repertoire and have gigs performing at various social gatherings throughout the Southeast Michigan area. Where they go from here, only time will tell...

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