Coda Honor
A Barbershop Quartet
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Coda Honor
Barberhop Quartet

South East Michigan


Detroit Oakland Chapter

Pioneer District

Barbershop Hamrony Society

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Coda Honor is available for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, parties, festivals, sporting events, bar/bat mitzvas, christenings, grand openings, grand closings, tire changings, diaper changings, changings of the guard, guard duty, sentry duty, K.P., and virtually every other kind of event you would (or wouldn't) want some great music and entertainment for!

Rates are negotiable and depend on the length of the engagement and traveling distance (boy, those gas prices take a bite, don't they). We'll do all we can to fit in your budget, we just love to sing!

For booking info, fan mail, hate mail, even just a note saying we already may have won $1 million (Ed McMahon still won't return our calls), you can contact Coda Honor by the following methods...

(248) 805-1807


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